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BRDev brings one of the best karting mods for rFactor
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rFactor has a lot of mods of ultra-powerful cars and prototypes which represent the highest level of motor sports. However many of today's driving heroes got their first taste of motor sports by racing go-karts. BRDev team, a Brazilian development team, has released one of the best kart mods for rFactor. This is not the only kart mod out there for rFactor, however it is one of the most detailed there are. You can choose from two different kart classes, 100cc and 125 cc. From those two classes you get to choose different chassis for either of them, 33 different ones for 100cc and 66 different ones for 125cc. But the detail doesn't end there, you can chose 2 different types of 100cc engines, and 4 types of 125cc. You can also select your tire brand (Bridgestone, Dunlop, Gold, MG, Mojo) each with different types of compound. Of course each compound has its own values of grip, tire wear and optimal temperature. The physics of this mod are impressive and its really great fun driving these karts, specially if you have kart-specific tracks. The main complaint of this mod is that there are not enough servers to play online, most leagues and servers prefer more powerful and advance cars. However this mod has all the fun and excitement of kart racing. If you like this mod, you can make a donation through PayPal.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great karting mod for rFactor


  • Not a lot of online servers using it
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